5 Easy Ways to Become a Celebrity to Your Desired Audience

What is a celebrity? Unfortunately, tabloids seemed to have tainted the celebrity status as the foolish famous person plastered on tabloids. In reality, being a prominent member in your sphere (in a positive way) is a good thing – a really good thing.

Bob Burg writes, “People buy from those they know, like, and trust.” Note that the first step is to get them to know you. As a business, if used in the right way, celebrity-ism can be one of your most valuable marketing assets.

To become a celebrity, let them see you. Being recognized goes a long, long way and there is great value in being a familiar face to your market.

Picture yourself walking into a room alone where you don’t know anyone. At first you only hear the steady chatter around you. Then you recognize a face across the room. Even if ever so briefly from the last business after-hours, you know it is someone with whom you have had conversation. The person looks up and recognizes you as well. Nine times out of ten, the two of you will purposely re-connect sometime during that evening to talk again. Believe it or not, simply by that mere recognition – you are both celebrities!

Business relations, visibility!

So, how do you become a visible and familiar celebrity? Here are five easy ways to become a celebrity in your desired market:

  • Be there! Firmly put networking events into your calendar, post/like/share on social media, blog, post videos, present – anything that puts you in front of others and let’s them see you. Remain positive and considerate for the platform(s) you choose.
  • Be consistent! The more regularly that your audience sees you (especially in the same circumstances,) the more familiar and credible you become and the more likely you remain top-of-mind. Put yourself out there with respectful frequency.
  • Be memorable! Have a clear message, special brand, uniqueness and relevance to your audience. And, just as importantly, build a relationship with the human-side of them.
  • Be helpful and offer humor! Share your wisdom, connect people to resources that can help them (even if it’s not you). Remember, most people appreciate easy ideas, ways to save money, funny stories, cute babies and cute animals.
  • Be passionate! You can’t fake it. Research has shown that passion is contagious. When people see and feel your true interest, they trust you and believe in you.

It is your choice – you become the celebrity that you let others see.


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