Profits = Revenue – Expenses = $$$ You Keep!

Are you wondering if you should:

  • Adjust your prices?
  • Find your customer differently?
  • Re-do your inventory?
  • Hire more employees?

Know what you need to know and make the right decisions for your business.


Boost revenues, cut expenses, motivate clients…and more.  Improve your profits with inspiring bottom-line basics.

Maximize Your Profits

Increased revenues, lowered expenses, more clients. Increase your take-home by starting with the basic accounting principle:

revenues – expenses = profits

What defines your revenue streams? Where are your costs? Exactly how is this affecting your profits? By analyzing and understanding the true make-up of your bottom-line, simple changes yield extraordinary results. It’s not as hard as it looks!

Increase Your Revenue

Recognize your gold mines and find leaking funnels that are costing you. We help you define, create and understand your business  so you can make the prudent decisions on running your business.  Get the up-to-date and relevant information you need!

transactions + client solutions = revenue growth

Let us help you learn which sales or market adjustments you should be making to support your business!

Cut Your Expenses

Big revenues do not equal big profits! Efficiency is more than eliminating waste – it is about collaborating the right pieces in the right places of your organization. Routine efficiency research lets you find small leaks before they turn into a flood of potential disasters! The result? Maximize your profits by minimizing your expenses. 

  efficient (staff + COGS + facility + admin + marketing + x + y + z…) = reduced expense 

Understanding the bottom line, connects to collecting the data. We will help you define the most effective set of reports and analytics to give you a big picture overview of your organization.


Are you paying enough attention to YOUR MARKET?

Improve Client Acquisition & Customer Retention

Apply your efforts to the right target market now. It is 2.5x more expensive to attract a new client than to satisfy the ones you already have. Keep them loyal with customer service designed to far surpass the traditional 5-star rating.

Do you ever feel like you are spending time and money on a market that isn’t buying?

This is about getting your perfect client to call you and walk through your door. We help you define who your best clients are, what they want and how you best serve them. You want them to come back again and again -and brag to everyone about you!

  • How do you increase customer loyalty?
  • What is effective marketing for your demographics?


How do you get to know your business better?

Understand the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and what give you your unique position in your industry.  It goes beyond the numbers and into understanding the how, why, what, where, when and who’s of your perfect client.

Find and define relevant data to measure your sales patterns.

  • Where are you making your money?
  • Where you have revenue losses?
  • Where can you invest more to save time and money?


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