STRATEGiC Focus Consulting

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Beyond Strategy Business Consulting offers individual consulting sessions to business owners, supervisors, and leadership teams. During these sessions, our consultant privately meets with your key company individual(s) and guides you through the deep assessment of your key issue(s).

STRATEGic Focus Sessions can be scheduled for specific projects, single consultations or on a regular basis.

Our consultant meets with a key company individual(s), concentrating on a specific issue. As we help you identify additional underlying influences and impacts, we also guide you in the strategies for success in your individual circumstances.

  • Recognize and prioritize crucial needs in the organization
  • Identify resources available as well as those needed to proceed
  • Lay out a manageable plan
  • Establish modes of accountability for your plan

Our “coaching critical thinking” approach will assist you and your team in developing a sound Plan of Progress to match your budgetary and resource needs.