It’s Your Time, ONLY Your Time:

  • Consider this – when someone contacts you, they are requesting to use your time.
  • Phone calls and emails can be a major distraction. High level business individuals do not take every call every time. You wouldn’t interrupt a session with a client to answer the phone. Why shouldn’t you be “unavailable” at other times when you are working on something that will help you? Turn your phone and email notifications off while you work.
  • Set your homepage to your own website. Not only is it a reminder of what you do, but it keeps away those distractions from other marketers that feed you what they want you to see. 
  • Re-listen to your voice message routinely – Is it welcoming, relevant with a specified time frame in which you’ll respond? Keep your voice message short.
  • Even if you are working at home in your PJ’s – keep office hours.
  • To help you stay on track, schedule some “911 Time” throughout your day to allow for emergencies or “gotta-do’s” that pop up.
  • Block out specific times in your day to check your emails and other updates. Stick with that schedule.
  • Use a time tracking app to help you invoice your clients or determine how long a task or project really takes you.
  • Hire an expert to do what they do best so you can do what you do best.
  • Consider hiring a good virtual assistant (VA) that is attentive, accountable, serious and task-oriented. Look for someone that is strong where you have weaknesses.
  • Categorize your “To-Do” list into 3-4 different types of tasks that are accomplished through different levels, achieve different purposes or follow different timelines.
  • Organization is a big component to effective time management. Organize your home, office and car – the average American spends 55 minutes per day to find something.
  • When you are asked to do something, ask yourself, “Will this opportunity take me towards my vision or away from my vision?” (Thank you, Gary Barnes for this approach.)
  • Saying “no” can be easier than you think. Consider what else you will do with that time that will better result in what you want. 
  • Review each day at the beginning and at the end. Plan the next day as well. 

There are, of course, many, many other tips and resources in Time Management. We encourage you to include your additional suggestions in the comments section.